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Use YakStack to Get the Word Out

YakStack Overview

Is YakStack for you?

  • Do you have to message a group from 25 to 25,000?
  • Do you want to free yourself from having to manage contact lists and phone numbers?
  • Do you struggle with getting timely information to the group and frustrated that there is not a better way to reach your group than email, Twitter, Facebook or GroupMe?
  • Are you stuck with email to communicate with your group but could benefit from texting everyone?
  • Then YakStack is for you!

With YakStack:

  • It is easy to send text and voice messages to your group.
  • There are no contact lists to manage because people opt in to your communication “feeds” and can opt out whenever they like.
  • There are no limits to the size of a group.
  • People can choose how they want to receive messages: with push notifications through the app and additionally as texts on their phone.
  • Keep your identity secure: phone numbers are managed in a private YakStack account and are never shared.
  • Messages are not lost in the “noise” of news streams and group conversations.
  • Messages go out from the group leader, one way, to only those who opted in, so no worry about replies-to-all.
  • The group leader can assign up to two other delegates to send messages to the group.

Who Uses YakStack?

Whether you’re sending a message to 5 people or 5,000, YakStack has unique benefits for user groups of all shapes and sizes.

  • From daycares to universities,

    YakStack allows you to notify students and parents about closings, early dismissals, canceled classes, location changes, field trips, policy changes and more. YakStack is efficient and reliable and gives your audience the ability to receive messages effectively and conveniently.

    Schools for YakStack

  • Phone trees are a thing of the past!

    YakStack keeps players and parents updated about cancellations, schedule changes or details on the upcoming big game. Coaches can even provide motivational messages to the entire team. YakStack is perfect for club, intramural, school sports and adult teams looking to keep everyone in the loop.

    Sports Teams for YakStack


Broadcast from Anywhere

Send voice and/or text-based messages using the mobile app or online interface.

Manage Communication

Whether sending or receiving messages, YakStack makes it easy to manage communication streams by using a ‘stacked’ interface, allowing quick access to new and older messages.

Engage Your Audience

YakStack allows your audience the ability to opt-in and set message delivery preferences. This ensures that your notifications are welcomed by users and not forced at inconvenient times like most mass-messaging systems. You can track your communication by viewing the built-in analytics for each message sent.


4 Delivery Methods

Your audience can choose to receive communications as regular voice calls, text messages, email notifications or via the YakStack mobile app and YakStack website.

Timed Delivery

Send messages immediately or set them up to send at a later date. Similarly, your audience can pick what hours of the day they would like to receive messages, making YakStack different from services that send unwanted calls or texts at inconvenient times.

Ease of Use

YakStack’s streamlined mobile and browser interface makes it easy to send or receive messages and manage your preferences.


As a YakStack user, your identity is secure. YakStack keeps phone numbers and email addresses private to guarantee you and your audience remain in control of all data and profile information. You subscribe to receive the messages that you want and specify where and when you want to receive them. No one can see what you are subscribed to receive and no one can see your subscribers. This opt-in with privacy model ensures an engaged audience that wants to receive your message.



YakStack is 100% free to use for you and the audience you are communicating with. Sign-up and begin broadcasting in minutes. Carrier fees may apply to phone calls, SMS text messages and data plan usage required by the mobile app.

Looking to use YakStack for your company or organization (500 people or more)? Contact us for pricing.